National Day of Writing

Mark your calendars: October 20th is the National Day of Writing. In order to celebrate, the IWCA and NCTE have come together to promote and feature writing from all regions of the United States. All Writing Centers are invited to set up a local gallery (to set up your gallery, please follow: where solicited writing can be featured.

The National Day of Writing can be celebrated in a variety of ways, and we would like to encourage you to be as creative and open with the even as you would like. After all, each community, writing center, school, or home is unique, and thus the celebrations should express the individual nature of each setting.

We will be delighted to hear about your plans for the celebration!

Happy writing!


3 Responses to “National Day of Writing”

  1. Here are some ideas that Bowling State University came up with for the celebration:

    we’ve set up a local NCTE gallery, in conjunction with the BGSU Human
    Relations Commission; we’re eliciting writing of various genres on the topic
    of respect. We’ve managed to garner prize money for the best submissions.

    BGSU writing consultants will visit a local senior home during the week of
    Oct. 20 and will work with the residents as they write various genres,
    including memoirs.

    BGSU has a developed Second Life (virtual) campus, so we’re also featuring
    this day in various ways in the SL forum as well.

  2. Has anyone else had technical problems setting up a National Day of Writing Gallery? I’ve tried three times and thrice was timed out due to “inactivity” (the last time I completed the form in less than 30 seconds).

    Did I miss something?


  3. The NCTE National Writing Gallery reaches a milestone:

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