Featured Site: The Rutgers Writers House

Since the topic of the new Writers House at Rutgers came up with weekend at the NEWCA conference, here’s the link to the YouTube video documenting this innovative writing space.


2 Responses to “Featured Site: The Rutgers Writers House”

  1. I’ve heard a couple of people saying that the Rutgers Writers House doesn’t have much to do with writing center work since it’s apparently not a tutoring facility. But I’m intrigued by what it might mean to envision writing centers as spaces where writing (& other kinds of composing) happen. What might the fusion of lush composing resources AND peer coaching in how to use them look like?

    I don’t mean just having fabulous technology and some wonderful IT-literate folks helping users. I’m wondering about what it might be like to have an abundance of materials and resources for multiple media, great IT support, AND a tutoring staff that can help composers with the processes of generating ideas, considering evidence, choosing a structure, crafting transitions, and all that other stuff our staff does so well with paper drafts of academic writing.

    Since WCs often struggle with assumptions that we’re remedial spaces rather than creative and pedagogical spaces, partnering with (or becoming??) a studio for composing in many kinds of media sounds like it might be successful in putting that kind of assumption in the background.

  2. The Rutgers Writers House is a brilliant model of 21st century integration. I am showcasing the RWH site on our Resource Portal for secondary school writing centers.

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